Outreach Homes in not just another home builder in which a “modern house” is really an old skeleton dressed in superficial modern glitz.


Outreach Homes takes home building to the basics. A home is one that protects the occupants and maximally isolate the occupants from the harshness of nature's elements. While connection to nature is desirable, it can be done during nature’s most pleasant facet and at the occupants’ pleasure. Otherwise Outreach Homes aims for maximum disconnection during nature’s harsher mood swings.


Based on the architectural or conceptual drawings of the home owner, Outreach Homes builds technologically superior shell for those designs and all homes built by Outreach Homes incorporate the following innovative building subsystems as standard included items.


Upon this superior shell, home owners may then dress their home to whatever level of glamour desired, in choices of floor covering, wall covering, kitchen, toilets, and other non-structural items.


Now, the million dollar question. Is Outreach Homes going to cost the earth? The simple answer is NO. It cost less! Next question. WHY?


Without doubt, Outreach Homes incorporated more advanced building materials, and obviously the materials cost more. However what we have done is to embrace computer automation technology to improve fabrication efficiency and to re-engineer the installation process to reduce installation cost.


We automate each step of the design with our sophisticated software system. Beside a seamless transition from architectural design to engineering design, our system ensures the construction design is synchronised with standard material sizes so that we can minimise labour intensive on-site cutting and yet be able to tap on the economy of scale savings in using standardised products. In effect we solve a complex optimisation problem, balancing between standardisation and customisation to ensure we achieve the lowest cost index, at absolutely no loss of quality.


We traded on-site installation time for factory fabrication time. We made each panel of our walls and roofs in our factory in Malaga, trucked them to site which are then installed in a flash. We are no longer 100% at the mercy of the weather; well, only 10%. The result is our trades people can charge us less because we give them certainty and a conducive working environment where they can be more productive.


We can use bigger and more efficient machines in the factory. Doing the same job now takes half the time. We pay less for labour.


To cut a story short, what we have done is clever re-engineering to improve the productivity of our trades persons, and we pass this back to you, the home owner via a better home and yet at a lower price.