Outreach Homes - 7 Step Process


Initial consultation and budgetary costing - A house is a long term and big commitment for most families. It is therefore prudent to carefully think through the needs, not just of the immediate present but also of the future. We will assist you to clarify your aims and raise questions to you about the future; in the next 5 years, 10 years and 20 years. It is not that we knew what is in store or better for you, but hopefully our questions will provoke more rounded thoughts.

Design and costing - Once the aims and intentions are clear, we will proceed to design the dream home and have it costed up for you. There may be a few iterations at this stage as we work with you towards the home that best matches your aspirations and budget.

Preparation of plans - Once we have a firm commitment from you on the design, we will proceed to prepare the final plans that is suitable for submission to the council for a building licence.

Client approvals - Upon completion of the plans, we will have a final walk through of the plans with you before submitting them for approval by the various government agencies.

Building application and approvals - Relax, while we work behind the scene. While you may not see many things happening, we are actually frantically working on ordering materials, committing resources, and ensuring every detail of a quality home is considered and taken care of. This phase may take a month or two.

Building commences - we are not on site very frequently, but do not be mistaken, we are working hard in the factory. When we do go on site, things shoot up.

Handing over - our quality assurance team will go over your house with a fine comb to weed out any minor imperfection. We set high standard for ourselves to pass. Once we pass our own internal test, we will organise a champagne party to welcome you to your HOME sweet HOME.


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