The H-Maximiser is the ultimate single storey house for the shrewd home owner / investor.

With the H-Maximiser, your investment is well protected. You no longer have the need to move house as your circumstances change.


Have a big young family with needs for lots of space for the kids? Go for Option 1 - Maximum living. 6 bedrooms and 3 Bath/toilets!


Need some privacy from parents or teenage children? Go for Option 2. You live in separate "houses", yet simply slide a door and you can be visiting each other.



Need some passive income? Could be a difficult period of life, or just simply nice to have some cash for that extra holiday. Go for Option 2 - Live in one "house" and rent out the other. Choose between left and the right "house" to suit your family circumstances. You are well prepared. Your house need not just be providing a cover for your heads, it can open up a new horizon as and when you need it.



Maximise investment returns? Go for Option 2 - Rent out both "houses" separately. You get 2 rental income streams! Work your sums.

You like the idea but feel that the house layout on this page does not quite suit your ideal lifestyle. Talk to us. You may not need to cramp your style just for that future "in case". Tell us your wishes... For example, you want a big walk-in robe, you want a home movie theatre, a game room .... We will work on your wishes and for all you know we may be able to build in all those wishes and still ensure your future is protected.



Option 1: 257 sqm of luxury living.




Option 2: TWO independent houses

HOUSE 1: 137 sqm of comfortable living consisting of:

- 1 x ensuite bedroom with walk-in robe

- 2 x bedrooms

- 1 x ensuite bath/toilet and 1 x bath, toilet, 1 wash basin (all independent)

- 2 x lockup garage + laundry

- Kitchen, dining and living

- Alfresco



HOUSE 2: 120 sqm of comfortable living consisting of:

- 3 x bedrooms

- 1 x bath, toilet, 1 wash basin (all independent)

- 1 x carport + laundry

- Kitchen, dining and living

- Alfresco