What is the potential of your block?

Do you have a big backyard that is keeping you busy all weekend, or otherwise it becomes an eye sore?

Do you have a house that needs more than just a prune up, or is designed for yesteryear living, but is situated on an expensive piece of land?

Talk to us. We may be able to help. We can work out a proposal that best suit your circumstances.

Here are some possibilities.

Keep your existing house and build another house at the back.

Clear up your block and build two, three or more homes in its place.

Even if your land does not meet the requirement to be subdivided yet, you may still be able to get that backyard to work for you. For lots that are bigger than 450sqm in size, we may be able to put in a 70sqm standalone granny flat, with the interior cleverly divided to give 3 bedrooms, 2 bath/toilets, a dining, living, kitchen and laundry area. Unbelievable? Take a look at our design page. We can build these little gems for under $100K. Even if you have no need for more living area, imagine how much rent you can get for that independent 3 bedrooms and 2 bath/toilets flat? Depending on your location, you could be looking at anything between $250 and $350, or even more per week. That is a whooping 13 to 18%* return on your investment, well above the current interest rate.


Let us know your circumstances, and we will structure a deal for you. Here are some possibilities.

We take your idea and assist you navigate the sub-division and building process. You can then sell the newly constructed additional houses.

If the entire sub-division and building process is too daunting or you may not want to commit all the cash up front, we can consider contracting to buy over the “unwanted” land on your block. We shall do the rest and finance the entire project. You just sit back, collect the cash and go for that long overdue holiday.

We could clear your block, divide the land, build the houses, give you one for free, sell the other, and return any excesses to you after deducting our cost. In the building period, we can organise to relocate you to a comfortable temporary house. We are quick and you will not have to be away for long before returning to a spanking new modern home. Of course such arrangements will be dependent on the valuation of your land.

* Note that these figures are estimates only.